Hooolm's Place

I put little pretty pictures in your UI and big pretty pictures in your DCIM/Camera.


Things I’m Involved With

At this point I contribute a tiny bit to a few icon packs for use with third party launchers on Android phones. These are maintained by DrumDestroyer Themes.

Thoughts and pray… ahem… reviews.

I’m not going to call this a blog and it’s not a News section either. It’s for stuff that’s too long for Twitter (har har) or otherwise unfit, and I review phones and stuff. So yeah, send me stuff to review.


Discontinued efforts


A few years ago I was very much into theming the CyanogenMod/AOKP/etc. theme engine as well, with the CirclesMod and Freehand themes as my main focus. It is great fun. But CyanogenMod lost a lot of drive and direction when they tried going corporate. Didn’t really maintain their theme chooser either, and the engine wasn’t consistent. So maintaining themes became less creative, more mindless bookkeeping. So I bailed.

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