I make pretty little pictures for android phones. Most prominently, I’m behind the Smoke & Glass icon pack.

What is this…?

This website mostly hosts my device reviews and stray thoughts in blog form. I may expand the static content to present my Android themes in a bit more detail than what I’m able (and allowed) to offer on Google Play.


I’ve always been the kind of person that takes everything apart and puts it back together in unexpected ways, even as a kid.

Sometimes unexpected is a good thing.  Continue reading “Who…?”


The 280

To me the appeal of Twitter was always the brevity. Conveying a thought in 140 characters is hard, and an art in itself. Even threaded tweets still had to make sense individually. As I’ve now demonstrated, any idiot can stumble his way to a point in 280 chars, with 3 to spare.

Galaxy S8+ Long Term Review

Most reviews are published asap after the release of a particular device – riding on the novelty effect and public interest. I’ve used the Galaxy S8+ as my daily driver for about six months, and this is my take on it. 


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