I make pretty little pictures for android phones.
Most prominently, I'm behind the Smoke & Glass icon pack.

Things I do and did

At this point I mainly create and maintain icon packs for use with third party launchers on Android phones.
A few years ago I was very much into theming the CyanogenMod/AOKP/etc. theme engine as well, with the CirclesMod and Freehand themes as my main focus.

Smoke & Glass

This is my pride and joy – by far the most successful app I’ve ever published. The style is made to resemble smoke-filled glass orbs within which the glyphs float.

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This was a really great project. I painted all Framework and SystemUI elements by hand using a Wacom Intuos 5 tablet. It looked amazing but it took forever, and honestly the Theme Engine was just too much in flux to keep up with and too unreliable to base a career on. It’s not maintained anymore.

Thoughts and pray… ahem… reviews.

I’m not going to call this a blog and it’s not a News section either. It’s for stuff that’s too long for Twitter (har har) or otherwise unfit, and I review phones and stuff. So yeah, send me stuff to review.

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Why yes, clickbaity shite site I landed on by coincidence. Of course I want you to carpet bomb my notifications area with further, clickbaity, artificially over-paginated, drivel at any time[…]

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Facebook as a trustworthy gatekeeper?

Facebook may be suggesting that people upload their own sensitive photos to Facebook, in order to prevent them being spread on Facebook. Huh?!

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The 280

To me the appeal of Twitter was always the brevity. Conveying a thought in 140 characters is hard, and an art in itself. Even threaded tweets still had to make[…]

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