I’ve always been the kind of person that takes everything apart and puts it back together in unexpected ways, even as a kid.

Sometimes unexpected is a good thing. 

I had a C64 like everyone else in the 80s but it was fairly poorly documented, I didn’t yet understand much English anyway and there wasn’t really anywhere to turn for help or inspiration for a kid in Denmark back then. I didn’t start tinkering with computers until late [high school equivalent] (a 486 DX66, wooo) and by the time I found my bearings, the Internet became a thing and I started doing web.

That was fun. It all had a kind of wild west feel to it, and I did that for a living for close to ten years.

In recent years I’ve focused my efforts on themes and icon packs for Android. Android offers me unprecedented opportunities to tinker with stuff.

So I do.

All this completely skirts around the fact that I don’t really do coding or design for a living anymore – I’m on a way different career path now. So keep that in mind when yelling at me because shit doesn’t work.