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Opret Apple ID til et mindre barn med egen email-adresse i stedet for

Hvis man som forældre vil tilføje et barn til Familiedeling, så kommer man til det sted, hvor man skal vælge et Apple ID (altså email-adresse) til barnet. Her er man af en eller anden årsag låst til en agtig adresse. Og hvis barnet er under 13, kan man ikke oprette et individuelt Apple ID…
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Sculpto+ review

I’d been curious about 3D printing for a while and I ended up going for an offer at for a Sculpto+ printer at roughly half price, provided I sign up for at 6 month subscription on filament, so I’d get 1kg every month. It’d wind up costing about the same as the printer normally…
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Enabling Write Access on NTFS drives in High Sierra

This is as much for my own benefit as anyone else’s, so I don’t have to figure it out all over again. What I did was: 1. Attach the drive. For ease of use and avoidance of syntax challenges, you might rename the volume to a single word name, like “THISONE” or “helloooo”. Often, the…
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Show notifications

Why yes, clickbaity shite site I landed on by coincidence. Of course I want you to carpet bomb my notifications area with further, clickbaity, artificially over-paginated, drivel at any time during the day. Has anyone…ever…clicked yes on one of those? And why?

Facebook as a trustworthy gatekeeper?

Facebook may be suggesting that people upload their own sensitive photos to Facebook, in order to prevent them being spread on Facebook. Huh?!

The 280

To me the appeal of Twitter was always the brevity. Conveying a thought in 140 characters is hard, and an art in itself. Even threaded tweets still had to make sense individually. As I’ve now demonstrated, any idiot can stumble his way to a point in 280 chars, with 3 to spare.

Galaxy S8+ Long Term Review

Most reviews are published asap after the release of a particular device – riding on the novelty effect and public interest. I’ve used the Galaxy S8+ as my daily driver for about six months, and this is my take on it. 

Goodbye world, hello world!

I switched back to dedicated hosting, this time with cHosting. They offer good rates and excellent support in Danish and English. Their backend is awesome and offers easy install of literally hundreds of different kinds of web software for running any conceivable kind of web site. I’ve been playing with a bunch of them and…
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Galaxy S6 Battery Optimization

I’ve been seeing a lot of complaints about the Samsung Galaxy S6 battery life, and when I posted a screen shot of my 5h31m screen-on time to twitter, my friend Bluewall stated that”If you post this screenshot on XDA, the thread will go batshit crazy“.

Galaxy S6 Impressions

I’ve had my hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S6 for some time now, and here are my impressions. I’m not going to do pretty macro shots or camera quality comparisons. Others have. Also, I tend to drone on once my fingers get going. Luckily there’s a TL;DR of sorts towards the bottom.