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The Apparent Death of Twitter

🇺🇸 For the last 15 years, Twitter has been my primary English language social media presence. So it pains me to accept that, at the moment, the inmates have taken over and are running the asylum. I’ve put my Twitter on hiatus, maybe temporarily, maybe permanently. Like many, I’ve migrated to Mastodon – a decentralized social network, less vulnerable to the whims of any random billionaire.

It works well, there are some nice apps (Fedilab, Tusky), and the people are nice.

You can find me at


Things I’m Involved With

I partnered with DrumDestroyer themes to development and maintenance of my few remaining icon packs for use with third party launchers on Android phones.

A few years ago I was very much into theming the CyanogenMod/AOKP/etc. theme engine as well, with the CirclesMod and Freehand themes as my main focus.

Smoke & Glass

This is my pride and joy – by far the most successful app I’ve ever published. The style is made to resemble smoke-filled glass orbs within which the glyphs float.

Get it on Google Play

Thoughts and pray… ahem… reviews.

I’m not going to call this a blog and it’s not a News section either. It’s for stuff that’s too long for Twitter (har har) or otherwise unfit, and I review phones and stuff. So yeah, send me stuff to review.