The Apparent Death of Twitter

You can find me on Mastodon at

Why I’m taking a break from Twitter?

🇺🇸 Since 2009, Twitter has been my primary English language social media presence.

It pains me to accept that, at the moment, the inmates have taken over the asylum, creating an incoherent mess that completely lacks accountability and sane policies, and I don’t feel that I can contribute further to the platform in its current shape.

I’ve put my Twitter on hiatus, maybe temporarily, maybe permanently. Like many, I’ve migrated to Mastodon – a decentralized social network, less vulnerable to the whims of any random billionaire.

It works well, there are some nice apps (Fedilab, Tusky), and the people are nice.

I also have a strictly Danish language profile, which, if you’ve only followed my @hooolm profile, will almost certainly be of no interest to you.